What guarantees and security measures does Maclear provide?

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Due diligence and financial assessment.

Our specialists carry out a full legal and financial due diligence of each Borrowing Project listed on our Platform. We perform a thorough financial assessment of each potential borrower, evaluate market trends in the segment, assess/determine each project's risk level, and carefully evaluate the corresponding borrower's assets and capitalization, sustainability, and capability to perform borrower's experience in carrying out such projects. Also, we assess all additional guarantees proposed by the borrower and collaterals provided to back up the project.

Provision fund.

A separate Maclear Provision Fund is established and maintained to ensure timely interest payments in accordance with the repayment schedules of all successfully financed investment and borrowing projects. It should be utilized in case of unpredictable market vulnerability or instability that could dramatically affect the borrowing projects listed and financed through the Maclear platform, potentially causing their financial performance on time and without delays.

You can find more information on Provision Fund page.

Swiss law.

Maclear AG is a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform organized in accordance with Swiss financial market regulations and requirements. According to the law, Maclear AG Company is regulated, verified, and monitored by the Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) membership. We proudly declare that we are a member of PolyReg Services GmbH SRO and comply with all applicable anti-money laundering (AML) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Risk assessment system.

Maclear has a proprietary risk assessment system in place for selecting borrowers' projects.

We provide careful, ongoing monitoring of all borrowing projects that have already been funded until they are fully completed and repaid.

Personal data security.

Maclear complies with all GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), KYC (Know Your Customer), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines. To guarantee compliance, we have partnered with Acuant, a global identity verification provider.

Transactions transparency.

Full transparency is ensured at all stages of your investment activity with us. Each investor can track the state of their finances at any time through their Maclear personal account.

We utilize a proprietary risk assessment system for selecting borrowers' projects.

Additionally, we implement meticulous ongoing monitoring of all funded borrowing projects until they are fully completed and repaid.

High profitability.

Due to our specialists' careful selection of projects, you get the maximum profitability in the specific field of crowdlending, where each borrowing project is carefully selected and monitored, while the investment risks are being minimized

Auto invest (Coming soon).

Auto invest - is a multi-level risk diversification system.

The auto invest feature enables our investors to easily and safely invest in the various projects preselected by many criteria.

Secondary market (Coming soon).

Secondary market - is a marketplace where our investors can sell and purchase investments (or parts of those) made in various Projects.

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